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2015 - Now


At a Glance

Make a Tool with Which People Can Create Their Own Posters Easily & Instantly

Many share a passion, or even obsession, for typographic layouts with perfect alignment. Posteroid’s concept started from this simple idea: Let’s build a creative tool with which, in just a few steps, people without any design knowledge can make beautifully designed posters. 

As the second self-initiated side project for our team, all happened in-house from conceiving the idea, designing all details to implementing the product. Today, you can find Posteroid both on App Store and Google Play with amazingly positive reviews and ratings.


Our Process

"Design, Prototype, Define, Develop and Iterate Continuously."

Posteroid’s evolution continues to provide a better way for people to share their messages. As our own product and service, we make an effort to improve it whenever we have time. Posteroid has been a great exercise for strengthening the team's ability and understanding throughout our process of design and development.



"Posteroid magically turns your photos and message into a beautiful graphic poster."

Let your message stand out and shine on a poster! Posteroid will literally 'design' your poster as you type, using its own adaptive layout logic. It is not about providing a sea of options but provoking one's creativity with a minimal set of controls.

This is a Brownie Bite project, self-initiated by Zigzag. Curious what Brownie Bite project is?

At zigzag, we strive to keep our creative energy vibrant and exercise our creative skills to the max. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by simply ‘making / building’ things. We strive to create our own internal projects that are (1) relatively free from daily work constraints, (2) small enough to pursue on the side, (3) bring desired design and experience to overlooked moments and (4) provide delight and knowledge to ourselves in the process.


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