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Design a Suite of Digital Companion Apps for Siemens’ New Line of Consumer Battery Storage Systems

Siemens, a well-known name in the heavy-duty energy management industry, now expands to the commercial market by introducing its new line of consumer battery storage systems. Siemens teamed up with zigzag to tap into today's data-savvy consumer market and develop a best-in-class digital energy management experience. Zigzag not only worked to envision the digital experience, but also helped Siemens with implementing multi-channel applications in an agile manner. After a robust period of development and testing, the Junelight system was launched in Jan 2019 and it is now available in the German market.

"Solar energy is infinite, but it's not always there when you need it. That's why we need a solution to store it."

From the vision of Junelight



"Your personal hub to observe and control everything that happens within your Smart Battery – all with just a tap of your finger."

The best moment of a project is when you see your efforts come to life. Thanks to the great work from both our team and the Siemens development team, Junelight was successfully released at the end of 2019 on both the App Store and Google Play. Within a few months it was already acknowledged for its excellence with an iF Award 2019 in the Communication discipline.


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