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FiTS, a Lifestyle Changer for Better Fitness: FiTS supports you to turn your good intentions into long-term fitness routines.

Vitaliberty, one of the leading E-health B2B service providers in the German market, wanted to launch a new-generation consumer wellness service. zigzag worked together with the Vitaliberty team to define the product from the ground up, design core parts of the service and develop the Android side of the app, FiTS. 

The core idea was to conceptualize and design highly adaptive fitness programs for 'real people' who may not be athletic nor highly motivated. How to combine motivation, body positivism and a sense of humor was the key challenge. Combining these aspects with machine-learning adaptiveness ultimately created dynamic, meaningful and motivating workout programs.


In Stores



zigzag worked closely together with the FiTS team on both the design of the service and the implementation of the Android app.

Released in 2017, FiTS offers its fitness motivation program on both App Store and Google Play. It constantly expands its market and continuously improves itself to provide truly adaptive service and also spread the positive energy around its community.

Here's how the initiative is written quoted from the official website of FiTS:
"To live a healthier life it takes more than just will or goals. It's about bridging the intention-behavior gap. You need to re-code your brain. No matter if you want to stop an unwanted behavior or start a wanted one. The best way to do so is by taking baby steps. Having a positive mind. And by being useful within everyday life. That's why FiTS supports you creating healthy habits and stick to it."


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